Season 4 - DTM/WTCR Multiclass - All Informations

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  • Dear Simracer

    The Bay Pirates Racing League Season 4

    starts on 13.01.2019

    In this Season we will be compete for the first Time in a Multiclass League

    With DTM 2016 & WTCR 2018

    You chose Multiclass (DTM/WTCR) races on 16 Raceweekends this year.

    Due to the Multiclass racing we expect an action packed season with lots of overtakes and hard but fair Wheel to Wheel racing!

    Now it's your turn, take part in the spectacle of the new beginning season! Join as a Full-Time Driver or as a replacement driver!

    In a 2 week Rythm, the races will be streamed and commentated on our Twitch-Channel [Baypirates_Racing] by hc_Dizee (Nils) and bigstarbomber (Tony). Aren't you excited?

    On the Sundays inbetween the races, we will have training- /selection races for new drivers to qualify!

    In the following you can find all the informations on season 4

    • How can I participate?
      See further down on subitem "application"
    • What do I need to participate?
      At least one DTM 2016 or WTCR 2018 car from the corresponding packs with a free paint job, depending on what you want to drive.
      You also need all the tracks, that will be driven in the season!
    • We recommend buying the DTM 2016 / WTCR 2018 packs as you get a Discount and you have all paint jobs. There are also packs including tracks.For more information see here:
    • All cars can be taken for a free test drive in RaceRoom.
    • WTCR 2018 and DTM 2016
      Every driver has to chose a unique paint job. Choice of car is done within the Portal.

    Date & Tracks

    13.01.2019 Hockenheimring (Grand Prix)
    Season Start
    27.01.2019 RaceRoom Raceway (Bridge)
    10.02.2019 Paul Ricard (Solution 1A)
    24.02.2019 Zhuhai Circuit (Grand Prix)
    10.03.2019 Mid Ohio (Chicane)
    24.03.2019 Monza Circuit (Grand Prix)
    07.04.2019 Indianapolis (Grand Prix)
    4 Weeks Break
    05.05.2019 Nordschleife (Nordschleife)
    Qualifikation (alone)
    19.05.2019 Sachsenring (Grand Prix)
    02.06.2019 Road America (Grand Prix)
    16.06.2019 Circuit Park Zandvoort (Grand Prix)
    30.06.2019 Norisring (Grand Prix)
    14.07.2019 Portimao Circuit (Club Chicane)
    28.07.2019 Circuit Zolder (Grand Prix)
    11.08.2019 Imola (Grand Prix)
    25.08.2019 Bathurst Circuit (Mount Panorama)
    Season Final

    Race Information:

    • 19:30 cet: Traing #1 and Driver Briefing
    • 20:05 cet: 20Min. Qualifikation #1 (all togehter)
    • 20:25 cet: 50 Min. Race #1
    • 21:15 cet: 12Min Training #2 (Break)
    • 21:27 cet: 8Min. Qualifikation #2 (alone)
    • 21:35 cet: 25Min. Race #2

    Race Information for Nordschleife:

    • 19:30 cet: Driver Briefing
    • 20:05 cet: 30 Min. Qualifikation (alone)
    • 20:35 cet: 75 Min. Race #1

    Game & Server Settings

    • Difficulty: GetReal
    • Tyrewear: Normal
    • Fuel: X2
    • Penalty: Slow-down for cutting
    • Mandatory Pitstop: OFF
    • Flags: Visual only
    • Camera: Free choice
    • CarSetup: Free choice

    Scoreboard for each Class

    1=50, 2=45, 3=41, 4=38, 5=36, 6=34, 7=32, 8=30, 9=28, 10=26, 11=22, 12=21, 13=20, 14=19, 15=18, 16=17, 17=16, 18=15, 19=14, 20=13, 21=12, 22=11, 23=10, 24=9, 25=8, 26=7, 27=6, 28=5, 29=4, 30=3, 31=2, 32=1

    • There are 2 voidresults, that means that your 2 worst results gets automaticly deleted, if there are no penalties on it.
    • To get points you have to pass atleast 90% of racedistance.

    If you get a disconnect and sure you made 90% of racedistance, its on your own to report it to the Stewards, the evidence must be on the replay file.

    The sectors get used a rough indication of the distance, for example if you drove 15laps + full sector2 , it counts as 15,66 laps.

    When in doubt, for the accused