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Aufgrund der Umstrukturierung als Team werden wir auch die Homepage umbauen.
Das wird allerding noch einige Wochen/Monate dauern bis wir dazu kommen und fertig werden.

Fusion mit RRVGT.de & Neuer Name "GetPole Racing"
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  • es wird im moment wieder ein update eingespielt

    gibt aber imo keine genausen infos

    das einizige was man im sector3 forum findet is die bestätigung für den M6
    "Next patch should be next week, as usual I should add : "if all goes well", which has been the case lately.

    This M6 will be part of it. All approved from BMW side. "

    "You'll get a handful of displays in next week's patch indeed"

    und zu crew chief

    guys, Crew Chief *will not* work properly with this update until I publish my update. It'll do weird things and gobble loads of CPU cycles. In testing, the entire world was *destroyed*.

    Expect a Crew Chief update this evening to put out all these fires

  • Fixed critical issue where severe problems would occur when a player left or disconnected during multiplayer race. We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused you and thank you for your patience.


  • https://forum.sector3studios.c…ad.261/page-4#post-123604


    This one improves game and dedicated server overall stability.


    • Fixed an issue where icons of disconnected players were still shown on the HUD track map.
    • Fixed a couple of crashes in dedicated server.
    • Fixed a game client crash that could occur on loading screen when another player disconnected
    • Fixed a game client crash occuring when jumping back and forth in replay timeline.
    • Fixed a game freeze occuring mostly in multiplayer with flags active.
  • https://forum.sector3studios.c…ad.261/page-4#post-130141

    Prepared files for upcoming events and content release.


    • Fixed a game crash that could sometimes occur simultaneously for several players at the end of multiplayer races.


    • Aquila - New driver animation
    • Canhard R51 - New driver animation
    • Cougar C14-1 - New driver animation
    • Saleen S7R - New driver animation
    • Color balancing work on the global light settings. More adjustments will be done to further improve in later patches.
    • Imola - Additional tweaks and fixes, minor elevation adjustment when coming up to Variante Alta.


  • Vorschau auf das November Update (Deutsche Übersetzung)

  • Game:

    • 64bits executable to allow the game to use more memory
    • First pass for true triple screen support. Right now handled through startup arguments. Full details and instructions on the forums. (link)
    • Game is now providing more information to all players present on a Multiplayer server whenever the server is waiting for players who are still loading into the game.
    • Added a bindable key to reset FFB while driving.
    • Hud_options.xml residing in My Documents is no longer encrypted, allowing players to edit and move HUD items around.
    • Video settings: Car Reflection Quality on High now draws reflections at full framerate.
    • Added support for Thrustmaster TS-XW Racer wheel
    • Updated Fanatec SDK to v3.2
    • Xbox One controller - changed default keybindings to match the Xbox 360 pads
    • Game no longer allows to drive a sequential gearbox car with an H-shifter. H-Shifter users no longer need to change the H-Pattern gearbox option manually depending on the car they picked. They can now always leave the option always enabled and let the game decide when to use it or not.
    • Damage system - Fixed a case where the point of impact would not translate properly to the visual damage (for example formula cars were hard to damage visually)
    • Damage system - Fixed an issue where car deformations could sometimes switch on and off when going backwards in a replay
    • Damage system - Prevented detachable parts of the cars from detaching when mechanical damage is disabled (to prevent loss of downforce after losing a wing)
    • Damage system - Fixed detachable parts randomly disappearing in replays or being visible when they shouldn’t.
    • Damage system - Fixed damage not being visually repaired for opponents in multiplayer after the opponent returned to garage to fix it.
    • Fixed some issues with the 8-shaped layout of Suzuka where cameras or blue flag detections could be confused by the crossing section.
    • Fixed an issue where the game would fail to restart the engine if the player cancelled the pitstop right after confirming it.
    • Fixed an issue where the game could start stuttering when playing long replay files.
    • Fixed an issue where a traffic cone would be sometimes visible in a seemingly odd location when playing a replay
    • Fixed car class specific pitstop actions that could sometimes not trigger in multiplayer
    • Fixed a case where Fanatec CSW 2.5 would be listed twice in controller profiles menu and would not be recognized after being turned off and on again while driving.
    • Fixed so Opponent Strength setting is now properly used in Free Practice mode (was always using adaptive AI setting)
    • Fixed missing results at the end of a race session on single lap layouts such as Nordschleife Tourist.
    • Fixed an issue where lap timer would randomly stop on a Hillclimb run after restarting several times in a row.
    • Fixed an issue where performing a pitstop at Anderstorp could sometimes result in a cut track penalty.
    • Fixed a case where the game could sometimes show an Off Track Warning (Black and white flag) for a split second.
    • Fixed a case where the player could on some occasion be wrongfully asked to give back one position for overtaking under yellow.
    • Fixed visual suspension vibration of NSU TTS opponents in Multiplayer
    • Fixed a label on the HUD during warmup session that was wrongly stating “Position”
    • Fixed a case where attempting to close the game window while in a replay would prevent exiting the game normally.
    • Fixed an issue with the Bosch DDU7 data display where its white variant would feature some data in green that was hard to read.
    • Fixed an issue with the Bosch DDU8 data display where the gear indicator could sometimes remain red.
    • Fixed an issue with the data display in the BMW M235i Racing where fuel amount wouldn’t show the proper unit until player adjusted fuel. Fixed the fuel gauge not matching up.
    • Fixed an issue where the Pitlane limiter notification wasn’t showing on the KTM data display
    • Fixed an issue where a white flag warning would show during rolling start procedures
    • Removed “Allowed to overtake” related text from yellow flag HUD elements since many users reported the extra information led to confusion.

    Sound, Physics & AI:

    • AI - Improved overall behavior when racing in a pack. Stress factor reduced, and improved on the tendency to sometimes turn into the player car.
    • AI - Rate for AI calculations is now increased for AI’s in the direct vicinity of the player
    • AI - Fixed an issue on tracks like Zolder where an AI willing to enter the pitlane would easily disregard the presence of other cars on the racing line.
    • AI - Modified the DRS activation logic to allow DRS on all tracks
    • AI - Increased pace of AI in qualifying sessions
    • AI - If an AI car breaks down, it now clears the ideal racing line and slows down once safe to do so. If coming to a full stop within 7 meters of the track, the game will remove the car after 20 seconds.
    • AI - No longer ignoring other cars at the end of race sessions
    • AI - More respect for track limits during rolling start procedures
    • AI - Shouldn’t be caught slowing down for cars exiting pitlane anymore
    • Grip level in Practice sessions has been increased.
    • All cars now have reworked gearshift volumes and reverb effects.
    • Fixed a case where gearshift sounds were missing when driving with AI’s.
    • GTR3 Car class - Updated physics and tire model
    • Reduced the rate at which tires get dirty when driving on dirty tarmac (10% slower) and when driving on carpets, astroturf, tarmac runoffs etc (80% slower)
    • Tires now get clean at the same rate, regardless of what kind of dirt is on the tire.
    • P4/5 Competizione - New cockpit sounds, Fixed the cockpit camera that wasn’t looking straight horizontal.
    • H-pattern gearbox cars driven with Autoclutch enabled no longer get an automatic drop of throttle input upon gearshift.
    • Hockenheim - Tweaks to cut track detection
    • Indianapolis - Tweaks to cut track detection
    • Laguna Seca - Tweaks to cut track detection
    • Lausitzring - Tweaks to cut track detection
    • Portimao - Tweaks to cut track detection and some AI speed tweaks.
    • Paul Ricard - Tweaks to cut track detection and some AI speed tweaks.
    • RaceRoom Hillclimb - Fixed TV camera showing the opposite end of the course when using the reverse layout and looking at the car at the starting position
    • Sepang GP - Fixed a cut track warning when taking the last turn a bit wide. Added all alternative camera sets.
    • Sonoma Sprint - Fixed a cut track warning in the final turn


    • All cars aside from modern DTM now benefit from 360 degrees steering animation. DTM cars will have to be updated at a later point due to the need for retexturing branded driving suits and helmets.
    • All tracks using the hot weather light settings (ie: Paul Ricard) have received light adjustments
    • Bentley Continental GT3 - Moved the data display up in the cockpit
    • BMW M235i Racing - Car no longer produces visual backfires
    • BMW M6 GT3 - #7 now has its golden rims and #97 received some color balance tweaks
    • Formula RaceRoom U.S. - Reduced reflectiveness of the rims
    • KTM X-Bow RR - Car no longer produces visual backfires
    • Spa-Francorchamps - Some optimizations to improve performance on this track.
  • 1-12-2017


    • Fixed a crash that occurred frequently while loading into a multiplayer server
    • Fixed an issue where damaged car parts were gone after skipping through a replay
    • Fixed a crash that was spotted upon exiting a game session.
    • Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur at the end of a hillclimb run.
    • Fixed a crash that occured when servers were brought in maintenance.
    • Triple screen: Full object culling for triple screen wasn’t always working on setups where side monitors are angled lower than 30 degrees.
  • https://forum.sector3studios.c…ad.261/page-4#post-138109


    Prepared the game for the sooner than soon release of 3 Porsche beauties.

    With this also comes the following list of changes:


    • Added a default profile for Fanatec CSL Elite PS4
    • Added a new selector for the strength of the collision effects in the FFB options menu
    • VR - Added an optional start-up argument to make the monitor presentation of the VR session be toggled on from the start, without needing to use the keybind. Mostly used for events or regular streamers. Add "monitor" to your VR start-up argument, for example "-vr 1.5 monitor" to toggle on the monitor presentation.
    • VR and Triple Screen - Fixed an issue with skydome being offset vertically as well as appearing broken in rearview mirrors on large track scenes like the Nuerburgring.
    • Triple Screen - Tweaked clip plane value for camera to avoid seeing cut objects, at the cost of some flickering in the distance.
    • AI - further improvements to make AI more careful around pit-entry, decreasing risk of AI overtaking a pitting car on wrong side of path
    • AI - further improvements of AI side-by-side logic
    • AI - Improved their decision making in changing tyres or not when having to refuel in a non mandatory pitstop race
    • Potential fix for a 64-bit crash when entering a race with triple screen enabled, after applying changes to graphics options.
    • Fixed a crash reported when using an OSW / DD wheel with MMOS FFB 2014 in 64-bit
    • Fixed a wrong Bosch label on the Callaway C7R virtual display.
    • Fixed an issue where the front headlights would turn off if the taillights were broken by an impact.
    • Code reworked to attempt and get rid of an issue where some controllers are sending throttle and brake inputs constantly until the user moves the wheel or a pedal.
    • Fixed a case in Spa Combined when game would think player has left the pitlane if player was leaning against the exterior wall at La Source.
    • Changed replay comment field in media hub to be multi-line. Increased max length when renaming replays to 128 and comment to 256.

    Sound, Physics & AI:

    • BMW M6 GT3 - Made 5th gear a bit longer
    • BMW B6 Alpina - Bop adjustments and fuel use adjustments. Leaderboards entries with this car are wiped.
    • RUF RT12 GTR3 - Fuel use adjustments
    • Knutstorp - AI tweaks to stop them from messing up in last turns. Also made them behave better in first lap or a race.
    • Lakeview Hillclimb - Helicams (drone style) added
    • Nordschleife 24H + VLN - Fixed Action cameras switching to empty GP area in the first meters of the Nordschleife.
    • RaceRoom Raceway - Adjusted Cut Rules and AI speed tweaks for all layouts (leaderboards are wiped)


    • Brands Hatch - Fixed a hole in the ground in turn 2.
    • BMW M6 GT3 - Various matte finish tweaks
    • McLaren 650s GT3 - Various matte finish tweaks

  • Original Patchnotes: http://store.steampowered.com/news/?appids=211500

    Dezember Update:

    Wir haben das Spiel für die Veröffentlichung der 3 Porsche Autos vorbereitet. Die Veröffentlichung ist morgen am 21. Dezember!

    Edit: Sie Sind endlich da! ;)


    • Ein Standard Profil für das Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 wurde hinzugefügt
    • Eine neue Auswahlmöglichkeit für die Stärke des FFB´s bei Kollisionen wurde hinzugefügt
    • Ein Optionales VR Startargument wurde hinzugefügt, damit die Monitor-Präsentation der VR-Sitzung von anfang an Aktiviert wird. Meistens von Veranstaltungen oder Streamern genutzt. Fügen Sie "monitor" zu ihrem VR-Startargument hinzu, zum Beispiel "-vr 1.5 monitor", um die Monitorpräsentation umzuschalten.
    • VR- & Triple-Screen - Es wurde ein Fehler behoben der bei großen Strecken, wie dem Nürburgring, der Skydome vertikal versetzt dargestellt werden konnte und im Rückspiegel zerbrochen wirkten.
    • Triple-Screen - Der Wert der Clipping-Ebene für die Kamera wurde angepasst um zu verhindern das geschnittene Objekte sichtbar sind was in der Entfernung ein flackern entstehen ließ.
    • AI - Verbesserung der KI bei der Boxeneinfahrt diese fährt nun vorsichtiger und mindert das Risiko dass die KI ein im Boxenstopp befindlichen Autos auf der falschen Seite überholt.
    • AI - Verbesserungen der KI bei der Seite-an-Seite Logik (Zweikämpfe)
    • AI - Verbesserte KI beim Reifenwechsel oder bei einem nicht obligatorischen Boxenstopp
    • Potenzieller Fix für einen 64Bit Crash beim Eintritt in ein Rennen mit aktiviertem Triple-Screen, nachdem Änderungen an den Grafikeinstellungen vorgenommen wurden.
    • Ein Fehler wurde behoben der dazu geführt hatte dass ein OSW/DD mit MMOS FFB 2014 in 64Bit verwendet wurde.
    • Ein falsches BOSCH-Etikett auf dem Callaway C7R-Display wurde korrigiert.
    • Es wurde ein Fehler behoben, der zum Ausfall der Frontscheinwerfer geführt hatte, wenn die Rücklichter durch einen Aufprall beschädigt wurden.
    • Der Code wurde überarbeitet um ein Problem zu beseitigen, bei dem einige Controller ständig Gas- und Bremseingaben gesendet haben bis der Benutzer das Lenkrad oder ein Pedal bewegt hat.
    • Auf Spa Combined wurde ein Fehler behoben, bei dem das Spiel fälschlicherweise den Spieler außerhalb der Boxengasse gewertet hat obwohl dieser an der Außenmauer von La Source lehnte.
    • Das Replay-Kommentarfeld wurde überarbeitet es ist nun mehrzeilig. Die Maximale Länge beim Umbenennen ist jetzt auf 128 und beim Kommentar auf 256 Satzzeichen angehoben worden.

    Sound, Physics & AI

    • BMW M6 GT3 - Der 5. Gang wurde etwas verlängert.
    • BMW M6 Alpina - Es wurden BOP-/Kraftstoffverbrauchseinstellungen vorgenommen (Ranglisten Einträge mit diesem Auto wurden gelöscht).
    • RUF RT12 GTR3 - Kraftstoffverbrauchseinstellungen wurden vorgenommen.
    • Knutstorp - AI Verbesserungen, die es nun verhindert das die KI in der letzten Runde Chaos anrichtet. Außerdem verhält sich diese nun besser während des Rennens und beim Start.
    • Lakeview Hillclimb - Helikopterkamera im ""Drohnen-Stil" wurde hinzugefügt.
    • Nordschleife 24H + VLN Version - Die Action-Kamera wurde verbessert, es kahm dazu dass sie nach den ersten Metern auf den GP-Bereich gesprungen ist.


    • Brands Hatch - Ein Loch im Boden in Kurve 2 wurde behoben.
    • BMW M6 GT3 - Einige Mattglanzlack Verbesserungen.
    • McLaren 650s GT3 - Einige Mattglanzlack Verbesserungen.

    Wie immer ist dies eine Sinngemäße Übersetzung , ich erhebe keinen Anspruch auf 100% Korrektheit / Übernahme sollten grobe Übersetzungsfehler bzw. eine bessere Übersetzung möglich sein bitte einfach eine PN mit dem Markierten Punkt und einer Verbesserung an mich schicken!